In “How They Cook Back Home,” I bring you the region of my birth, Asturias. This episode showcases the beautiful region’s great cheeses. I show you how to serve one of the area’s best cheeses, Afuega’l Pitu, in a simple sweet and sour salad with tomatoes and a honey and vinegar dressing. I also fry up some golden brown monkfish, and take you to the seas off Asturias to fish for barnacles. We finish our trip at one of my favorite spots, Casa Geraldo, where I will show you how they make the creamy sweet arroz con leche.

In Asturias we visit some wonderful places...


        Camilo de Blas Bakery
        C/ Jovellanos 7
        Tel: 011 34 985 211 851

        Make sure you try the carbayones,

        the pastry Oviedo   is famous for.

        Casa Marcial Restaurant
        La Salgar, 10
        Tel: 011 34 985 840 991

        Requejo Plaza

        This plaza, surrounded by small restaurants,

        is the ideal place to have one of the

        traditional Asturian sidras, their famous cider.

 Rompeolas Restaurant

 Calle San Miguel, 21

 El Puerto – Tazones

 Tel: 011 34 985 897 013

 Casa de Gerardo Restaurant

 Carretera AS-19, Km 9


 Tel: 011 34 985 887 797


 Cangas de Onis Cheese Market

Located on Calle del Mercado in the center of     Cangas de Onis, across from Santa Maria Church, this market takes place on Sunday mornings.

Picos de europa
Picos de europa
Sidra de Asturias, apple cider
Sidra de Asturias, apple cider from Asturias

...and we learn about great foods and dishes of the region...

Afuega’l Pitu is a cow’s milk cheese of Asturias

Vinagre de sidra is cider vinegar

Verdina are a type of bean from Asturias

Bollu preñao is known as “pregnant bread,” a roll with chorizo baked inside

Pixin, also called rape, is monkfish

Almejas are clams

Percebes are gooseneck barnacles

Cigalas are Norwegian lobsters

Berza is a cabbage-like vegetable

Apple orchards of Asturias
Apple trees
Along the coast of Asturias
Along the coast of Asturias

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In the coming weeks, we will return to my home region with another episode, “Food for the Family”. Here I will prepare a simple apple and cheese salad with my mother’s favorite blue cheese, Cabrales. I will introduce you to the local traditional hard cider and then show you how we use vinegar made from the cider to flavor dishes, like in my corn cakes topped with caramelized onions. I will also join my family for our favorite Fabada Asturiana, a hearty bean stew with sausages.