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In the episode “The Magic of Saffron and Cervantes,” I bring you to the home of Don Quixote. And while this region’s windmills are infamous, it is its Manchego cheese that I find so fascinating. We will prepare a simple salad of Manchego, tomato, thyme and walnuts. I will also take you to witness to the wonder of saffron, when the remarkable crocus emerges from the earth and is turned into the world's most expensive spice. We will cook a traditional dish of rabbit with saffron rice before returning to Spain to sample the great marzipan desserts of Toledo.

Windmills, Manchego cheese
The Honey Bees of Alcarria and Marzipan in Toledo   En Espanol

In Castilla-La Mancha we visit some wonderful places…

El Corregidor Restaurant
Calle, 2
Tel: 011 34 926 86 06 48

The Windmills of Campo de Criptana

Santo Tomé Passtisserie
Calle Santo Tomé, 3
Tel: 011 34 925 223 763

This artisanal sweetshop has been making marzipan treats from almonds, sugar, honey and eggs, since 1856.

El Bohio restaurant
Avenida de Castilla La Mancha, 81
Tel: 011 34 925 511 126


To learn more about Castilla La Mancha, visit: