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We explore the food of the magical, mystical region of Galicia where pilgrims have traveled for centuries in “A Pilgrim’s Progress in Food”. In this episode, I show you a simple tapa of green Padron peppers stuffed with tetilla, a creamy cheese from the region and a traditional pilgrim’s meal of a chicken empanada. We travel to Padron to see the peppers in the field, to Finisterre, a town named for the “end of the earth” and to Santiago de Compostela, the ending point of the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. We fish for octopus off the rocky coast, then stop to eat the classic Galician dish of boiled octopus with pimenton. We end our journey with a glass of the pilgrims’ flambéed punch.

In Galicia we visit some wonderful places…

Mariscos Laureano Restaurant

Tragove S/N
Tel: 011 34 986 520 571

Pazo de Señorans Restaurant

Vilanoviña S/N
Tel: 011 34 986 715 373

El Manjar Restaurant
Rua Alfredo Vicenti 29, 15004
La Coruña
Tel: 011 34 981 918 591

Herbón Monastery
Located in the neighborhood of Harbón in Padrón

Casa Marcelo Restaurant
Rua das Hortas 1
Santiago de Compostela
Tel: 011 34 981 558 580

Pulpería Rial Restaurant:
Calle Plazuela Traviesas, 13
Tel: 011 34 981 811 624

Tira do Cordel Restaurant
Playa de San Roque
Tel: 011 34 981 740 697

A Troia Bakery
Panaderia A Troia
Rua da Troia, 8
Santiago de Compostela
Tel: 011 34 981 587159

….and we learn about the great foods and wines of the region.

Albariño is a variety of white wine grape in Galicia and the name of the wine made from it.
Ribiero is a wine region in Galicia.
Pimientos de Padrón are peppers from Galicia that are picked when they are small and green. They are often served sautéed with olive oil and sea salt and are usually mild, but every once in a while you can get a hot one!
Tetilla is a mild, creamy cheese that gets its name from the shape of the cheese.
Camarones are shrimp.
Empanada Gallega is a traditional Galician turnover, shaped in a large square and cut into pieces. It is usually made with a tuna filling.
Bonita is type of tuna.
Tarta de Santiago is a Galician almond pie topped with powdered sugar and marked with the St. James cross.
Pimentón is Spanish smoked paprika.
Pulpo is octopus
Nasa is a trap for catching octopus and other sea life.
Lubina is sea bass.
Queimada is Galician punch made with a brandy called Orujo and is set aflame when served. Traditionally a spell, or conjuro, is recited while making the punch.In Galicia we visit some wonderful places…


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In the coming weeks, we will return to Galicia for “A Taste of the Sea.” In this episode, I will show you the dramatic seafood farms of this northwestern region. We will also learn the art of the Spanish potato tortilla.