There is no better way to learn about a culture then through its food. Everything is on the plate! History! Geography! Tradition! Art! Everything!

I hope my recipes will allow you and your family to take a journey to Spain at the dinner table and will inspire you to some day visit my home country and see for yourself.

Andalucian cold tomato soup Gazpacho  
Artichokes with quail eggs and Spanish cured ham Alcachofas con huevos de codorniz y jamon  
Artichokes stuffed with quail egg and trout roe Alcachofa relleno de huevo de cordoniz y huevas de trucha  
Asparagus with Spanish cured ham Espárragos trigueros con jamón  
Baby Squid with Caramelized Onions Chipirones con cebolla caramelizada  
Beef sirloin with a confit of piquillo peppers Lomo de buey con pimientos del piquillo confitados  
Cabrales Blue Cheese with Apples and Olive Oil Queso Cabrales con manzanas y aceite de oliva En Espanol
Clams in parsley sauce Almejas con puree de perejil  
Cava Mimosa with Clementine Air Mimosa de cava con aire de clementina  
Cauliflower with olives and dates Coliflor con aceitunas y datiles  
Clementines with Chinchón, Anchovy and Black Olives Clementinas con Chinchón, anchoas y aceitunas negras  
Chicken fritters Croquetas de Pollo  
Chicken with peppers, tomatoes, onions and Spanish ham Pollo al chilindrón  
Chickpea stew with salt cod Garbanzos con bacalao  
Chilled fruit soup Sopa de frutas  
Cold Soup of Idiazábal Cheese with Wild Mushrooms Sopa fría de queso Idiazábal y setas silvestres  
Corn Cakes with Carmelized Onions Tortos de maiz con cebolla En Espanol
Creamy Rice with Mushrooms, Artichokes and Cuttlefish Arroz con setas, alcachofas y sepia En Espanol
Drunken goat cheese and tomato saladEnsalada murciana con queso Murcia al vino  
Fried potatoes with Cabrales sauce and fresh Cabrales blue cheese Patatas al Cabrales  
Galician-style Chicken Turnover Empanada de pollo  
Herb Marinated Olives and Tomato Bread with Garrotxa Cheese Aceitunas aliñadas con hierbas y Pan con tomate y garrotxa
En Espanol
Manchego with Tomato, Thyme and Walnuts Manchego con tomate En Espanol
Meatballs with Apples Albondigas con manzanas  
Mahon cheese with quince paste Mahon con membrillo  
Monkfish Tazones-style Pixin al estilo de Tazones  
Olive Oil Pancakes Tortitas de aceite de oliva En Espanol
Oysters with Cava Vinegar Dressing Ostras con vinagreta de cava
Padrón Peppers stuffed with Tetilla Cheese Pimientos de Padrón con queso Tetilla En Espanol
Rabbit with Saffron Rice Arroz con conejo y azafrán En Espanol
Roasted eggplant, peppers, onion and tomatoes, Catalan-style Escalivada Catalana

Sautéed green beans with garlic and Spanish ham Judias verdes salteadas con ajo y jamón Serrano  
Raw artichoke salad Ensalada de alcachofa cruda  
Scallops with roasted Catalan sauce Vieiras con romesco  
Seared Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Roncal Cheese Pimientos del piquillo rellenos de queso Roncal  
Seared Tuna Belly with Sesame Seeds and Piquillo Peppers Ventresca de atún con semillas de sésamo y pimientos de piquillo  
En Espanol
Seared tuna with a traditional Andalusian salad of cucumber, tomato, pepper and onion Pipirrana con atún
Soft and Crunchy White Asparagus Salad Ensalada de espárragos blancos
Sweet and Sour Salad with Tomatoes and Afuega'l pitu cheese Ensalada agridulce de tomates con queso Afuega’l pitu En Espanol
Tomato toast with Manchego Pan con tomate y manchego  
Traditional garlic shrimp Gambas al ajillo  
Veal cheeks cooked in red wine with La Serena mashed potatoes Carrilleras de ternera al vino tinto con pure de patatas La Serena